The WSO’s leadership includes members of the orchestra as well as representatives from our community.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to the WSO Board of Directors or any of our committees, please contact us here.


Board of Directors

Dana Borgia

Joanne Cournoyer

Ann Danis

David Gadoury

Vivian Julier

Annie Lagace

Jessica Walther


Finance Committee

Dana Borgia - Chair

Dan Lederer

Catherine Gagnon

Marketing Committee

Jessica Walther - Chair

Annie Lagace

Stephanie Vanable

Carolyn Payne

Kyla Hill

Catherine Gagnon


Development Committee

Elliott Bertrand- Chair

Rulene Munce


Scholarship Committee

Ann Danis - Chair

Dave Gadoury

Vivian Julier


Ticketing Committee

Allison Morrison


Sunshine Coordinator

Marilyn Verma



Joanne Cournoyer - Chair

Carolyn Payne

Ann Danis

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