The WSO works to provide a supportive learning and performance environment where all its members can grow musically while serving our community through live performance. We are always in a position to accept new members. If you are an adult amateur, a student musician, or a music educator who wishes to keep playing, please contact us here.


We would be thrilled for you to give WSO a try!



Members as of August 2018

Violin I

Nika Webster, Concertmaster
Vivian Julier

Paul Liu

Dan Sheldon

Sara Werner
Marcelline Zambuco


Violin II

Ann Danis, Principal

Ken Abrams

Lynette Boos

Howard Goldman

Anthony Hollingsworth

Julie Maas

Patricia Moran

Stefanie Sefick

Wanda Wyand


Annie Lagace, Principal
Dana Borgia

Joanne Cournoyer

Jose Guzman

Caroline Herrero

Beverly Lepage

Elizabeth Morrison

Carolyn Payne

Elizabeth Rogers

Jessica Walther



Emily Johnston, Principal
Lucienne Andrew

Max Diem

Jasper Gitzendanner
Kyla Hill
Becky LaDuke

Martha Nevola

Nina Kate Perry


David Gadoury
Ferris Fleming



Rulene Munce

Karen Souza

Roberta Arsac (also piccolo)
Olivia Dolphin (also piccolo)



Kara Coraccio
Stephanie Vanable

Marilyn Verma (also English Horn)

Alexander Wilkinson (also English Horn)

Linda Carpenter

Kathryn Hollowell

Michael Mahoney

Robert Nanna



Jonathan Malone

French Horn

Gerry Heroux

Juliet Lamb

Brandi Lane


Rob Lepage

Leonard Epstein

Dorothy Boisseau


Tim Coffey
Ted Platt

Collin Tyrrell



Ian Wykes

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